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Shopify Cart API Quick Guide: How To Add Multiple Products?

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If you are building a theme or an app you can find this useful. For example, you are looking a way to build an Upsell block wherether on a product page, on a cart page, or in a drawer. Another scenario is to make a bulk table where merchants can click on different products and add them multiple times.

The most complex scenario is to make a configurator. The configurator allows merchants to “build”, for example a box of a product they want. You might see this on a beauty related websites when you can add a creme for a face, a body gel, and a hair washer. At the end a merchant can add all he chose to the cart.

To do so, you might need to know how to add multiples products to the Shopify cart. In the article we will talk about how to make a fetch request to Shopify. Let’s get started!

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Before we stared let’s talk about what you need to know:

  1. HTML, CSS, JS. You should at least understand the basics of these technologies.
  2. Shopify, Shopify API’s. You should know how Shopify works and understand different Shopify API’s. In this guide we will use Cart API.
  3. Accesibility. You should know how to make an accesible websites. Read more about accesibility.
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